I'm honing my pun skills with every title.

A trifold pamphlet produced as marketing for UTK's MFA in Writing program, showing the author's right hand holding a pen, next to the words 'A great place to do your best work'.
So that my legacy lives on, my hand in the marketing material for Tennessee's MFA program


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  • The Poor (Nashville) Scene Canticles

    I’m trying to be intentional about my remaining time in the United States. Even though I’ve lived in Nashville most of my life, there are a lot of things I’ve never done.

  • The Abridged History of Treason

    The Republican Party has overthrown the United States government.

  • Municipal Works with Cars on Fire

    I’m back from my trip to Albuquerque, and one of the coolest things about the city is all their public transportation is free. I was able to transverse the city to see places I could never have seen—and spend money at businesses I wouldn’t have otherwise visited—if my only options were walking or rideshare.

  • The Computer on Which I Troubleshoot

    We’re still in the habit of asking people “How was your week/weekend?” or “What have you been up to?” But since every day is the same and time has no meaning anymore, I have no answers.

  • In Which Language Do I Keep Blogging

    I cannot conceive of more concrete evidence of America as a failed state than our regular need for heroic teenage bullet sponges.

  • The Light Around the Blog

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m tired of waiting for the mutant limbs I was guaranteed after getting my COVID vaccines.

  • Unincorporated Problems in the Late Bama Dynasty

    At this point in the COVID timeline, my reckoning of time seems irreparably damaged. This week, my girlfriend Sarah & I were browsing for a movie and settled on The Bourne Identity. A few minutes in, I said “Didn’t we watch this a few months ago?” She looked confused. “Maybe you did?” No, reader, I hadn’t watched it myself over the summer. We watched it together, but at her old apartment. Where she hasn’t lived for 18 months.

  • The Dream of a Common Submission

    Not long after I started working professionally as a Technical Writer, I decided to design a content strategy that would eliminate Microsoft Word from my personal writing. What I’ve got now works fairly well. It’s much more streamlined than my previous setup using Word, but there are several areas where I’d like to improve.

  • What Tweets Come To

    Poetry Twitter blew up this month, and I’ve got cold takes.

  • Updates from Late in the Patriarchy

    Honestly, I’m just emotionally drained from 18 months of the pandemic America’s political hellscape since 2015 the undeniable & increasingly unavoidable reality of a climate apocalypse literally everything, and haven’t managed to do much in my personal life since my last blog post.

  • How Our Students Learned (Poetry)

    I’m adapting the bulk of this post from an email I recently sent to my friend Ryan. He’s been following this website, and reading the poems I point to from the Links page. Ryan recently “confessed” (his word) that, although he has a degree in English/Creative Writing, and has written & even taught some poetry, he doesn’t really understand it.

  • Melissa

    I had been working on a few other posts, unsure which order to push them to the site, when I received some terrible news, and lost interest in the blog for a bit. I wrote what you see below, and have been sitting on it for a month, thinking I’d come to some moment of clarity or at least understanding. I did not.

  • Del otro lado de la blog

    Since last March, I’ve been going to a local high school track to exercise. My gym was hit by the tornado that flattened a path through East Nashville; and of course, the pandemic was fully in effect just a couple weeks later. There are several regulars in the early afternoon, and on Monday this week, a woman stopped to say hello.

  • The Stonks Blow Through the Diamonds of My Hands

    America is no longer a democracy but an anocracy, so it’s a fun time to be alive in these here United States.

  • There Are More Beautiful Things Than [My] Blog

    Living in America is fun because when armed domestic terrorists that include off-duty police officers from around the country openly plan for weeks an insurrection on the Capitol and then execute that plan with a terrifying level of success aided by inside LEOs, that’s no different than a normal Wednesday to the business class.

  • How to Web Log

    I finally got the website up! I’m pretty proud of myself, because it’s my first website, and I figured out everything through trial & error and reading a LOT of help forums.

  • Blog Songs

    So I didn’t keep track of my progress on the book. Or anything else this year. I guess who cares since I haven’t even launched this site yet.

  • Your Invitation to a Modest Blog

    I decided to start this blog to record my progress and keep notes & ideas as I build this Jekyll site.

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