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A picture of one corner of the author's living room. On the right side, there's a white-framed poster with a solid black background and text in white capital letters that says 'STOP CONFUSING RELAXATION WITH LAZINESS'.
[W]e have no word for strict pleasure
-Jack Gilbert


The Great Permission is in the world! Take some time to read it now

I released my booksite on Wednesday, September 21 under a Creative Commons license (BY-NC-SA 4.0), the same day I performed my Farewell-to-Nashville reading at Americano Lounge. It was a great show. I did very well. Several friends came to support me, on top of the full house we had for the open mic readers.

I’m doing a modest amount of work to promote the book now. I dropped all pretense of a full, semi-professional publicity plan when I received my job offer in Amsterdam. Querying now for book reviews & interviews. Contact me if you’d like to review or talk about TGP.


Current Duolingo streak: 1,556 days (as of )

Daily Dutch lessons on Duolingo until I arrive in Amsterdam and can start taking classes through my new employer.

Other goings on


Pretty much everything is on track—financially, bureaucratically, logistically. Flights & temp housing are booked. Still need to finalize plans with the movers.

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