I decided to start this blog to record my progress and keep notes & ideas as I build this Jekyll site. I don’t know much about YAML or SASS, and I’ve never used Liquid before. Once I get the site built, I might continue blogging about drafting new poems, reading/performing, publishing, etc.

Partly, I think this blog will help keep me accountable. Mostly, I think it’ll be useful to articulate the issues I have using the tools & logic I’m trying to learn. For example, “site” in the previous paragraph should have been a link to the homepage of this site. But it didn’t work. ::shrug::

The goal for this site is to serve as my author website, but I also have a second Jekyll instance that I’m using to write the manuscript for my first poetry collection. I’ll probably write here about my vision for that book, and my plans for compiling it using this toolset.