tar- Banner

O 	can you see 	the dawn's
	stripes—		bright

	rockets, bombs—
	proof				that

	the land of the free

	dimly seen through 	mist
where		haughty			repose,
that			towering steep,
	half conceals, half discloses

	glory reflected?
	O! long may it wave

havoc		and	battle
	leave us no more.
could save the	slave
from	terror,			 	the grave,
	the star-spangled banner in
	the home of the

between their	home and
	Heav'n .
Praise the Power,
then conquer.			It is just.
	Our motto:  God
									shall wave
O'er		the free.


Date created 30 Dec 2014
Date modified 26 Feb 2017
Journal The Mildred Haun Review (Feb 2022)