You stole the covers, held the hem
the whole night, took them with you
as you turned away. I moved in

close to stay warm.
At first, your head was too high
under two pillows. I added
another beneath my shoulder
to ease the pain in my back,
but couldn't sleep long
on my arm. You couldn't sleep
with it under your neck, so
you leaned your weight in to me.
It was hard to be so close

all night. You said, I feel like
I'm being consumed by a sun
. We lost

one blanket, stayed close in January.
Changes came slow for us.
But they were small things,
we really did know,
and they would make us happier,
if we'd only struggle through winter.


Date created 11 Mar 2011
Date modified 08 Jan 2018
Journal Yes, Poetry (Dec 2011)