American Infrastructure: 2015

I can buy either gas or groceries   rent is due next week  utilities tomorrow	clutch going
out	  can wait 	after Christmas	          tires need rotated	        filters &

hoses    clogging  they’ll		make it   a few more months	   cavity on this molar
can chew		      	with the other side 	                   		this sickness

			can be cured			with antibiotics		I have
	no insurance 			but I’m paid				       Monday

    get groceries					toast & jelly
		tonight						just get me through

			Monday without 	 hot water
tank leaking 						get me through

				without 	brakes				failing

			without 		    a car
					accident		a tornado

a strike								God, 			just
					get me through

		Monday				and
					I can

									make it


Date created 20 Oct 2011
Date modified 29 Nov 2016
Journal Review Americana: A Creative Writing Journal (Sep 2015)